Introducing my first ever blog

2018-07-08Gourav Sood 1 min.salesforcearchitectwelcome

This is my first ever blog to share thoughts, ideas and opinions on my learnings on Salesforce Ecosystem and latest web & mobile technologies.

Who is Gourav??

β€œHello World” πŸ‘ I am Gourav Sood, Certified Technical Architect working @ Salesforce. In addition to my passion for Salesforce, I really enjoy working in Web & Mobile Development using latest client side technologies (ReactJS, AngularJS, React Native). Prior joining to Salesforce, I was Mulesoft Integration Architect, connecting world using Mule runtimes & CloudHub :bowtie:

I have been working in IT Industry from 2006 having services & consulting experience, working with Enterprise Organisations in Government, Telecom, Finance.

πŸ“’ I am a proud Trailhead Double Ranger and after successfully earning 19 x Salesforce Certifications achieved Salesforce Certified Technical Architect milestones. 🎷 🎷

Where you can find me

I live in Syndey, Australia. You can always connect with me @ Twitter πŸ™Œ or click here to reach me out πŸ“ πŸ‘